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Here's the winning strategy:

Use Gale's wind magic to turn the flower tiles into fire tiles and deal damage. Try selecting flower tiles that are adjacent to fire tiles. Once you are out of flower tiles, switch to using earth magic.

Use Inori's water magic to deal damage. Once you are out of water tiles to use, use her life magic on the forest tiles to recover health for your party. This will also generate more fire tiles, so like with Gale, try making large groups of fire tiles.

Ricard's strategy is the simplest: use fire magic.

Exceptional game, with a great concept and an innovative gameplay.
Graphics could have been polished a little bit more.
It could be nice if other block turned in other types after the usage like the life-death blocks (e.g. some earth blocks turn in wind blocks and some wind blocks turn in water etc.)
The game itself lacks difficulty and I think that the idea of the "last battle with a full featured team could have been worked on a little bit more to add drama and humor.
I would definitely play (and back on kickstarter) a game based on these mechanics but obviously it needs other RPG style additions (items, weapons etc.) and a good story.
I'm looking forward to your next release now!


This was really fun to play!  Thanks for sharing!


The graphic style looks like a very professional production and the slightly sarcastic and parodic touch of the background story has brought a nice sense of humor to your game! :) In my opinion, the fight could have been even a little shorter and more text could be added, but hey, that's a matter of taste. Anyway, the basic concept was great and that's why I liked to recommend this game in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 42 - one minute of gameplay can also be seen in the following video. :) Congratulations for making this sweet jam game!

Best wishes,