“This land looks like it has been torn apart and sloppily put back together. What insane force could’ve turned it into such a spectacular patchwork?”

Story: after years of treasure hunting and adventuring you find yourself in a strange and hostile land shaken by mighty magical battles. And you know what? You’ve had enough, and you’re going home.

Good luck on your journey. It will be a perilous one, for sure, but just press straight on, don’t look back, and you’ll definitely reach your faraway motherland. Because once you made up your mind, all roads lead home.



  • Travel through beautiful autumn-winter landscapes!
  • Scavenge and use everything you can find!
  • Engage in special events and make tough choices!
  • Reach your final destination in the snowy forests!
  • Play in browser!


Controls: mouse only. Scroll to zoom in and out. Left-click to travel to an adjacent tile, gather resources and trigger events. Right-click on yourself to set up a camp, collecting all resources and events from the tiles around you.

Your goal is to go as far as you can into the snowy forests to finally reach your hometown. Just choose a direction and march straight on! You literally start with nothing though, so your first objective is to plunder the village next to you and stock up on some resources. Keep a close eye on them, especially if you decide to travel in a group:

  • food and water sustain you and your companions on the journey,
  • clothes protect you from harsh environments like snow and Slith,
  • tools are used to camp and trade.

Check out additional hints by reading tooltips in-game.


Code: Yanrishatum. Art: ZeusDex. Gamedesign, story: Shess. Music, SFX: Theodote.


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Okay, so I tried a playthrough.  It's very nice looking, and somewhat fun.

But... the wobble on each step was very extreme, and at one point it wobbled for quite a while before settling down to the point where I could do something again.  I finally stopped when an event message came up ("You hunt some wildlife.  The meat will be cured and stored for later...") and clicking the button didn't make it go away.

So, good game.  Can use some work.  I hope my note on what vexed me will prove useful. :)