"If you perform well enough, a spirit of music will appear to join and guide you".

Well, that does sound a bit fishy, but why not? The theater is almost empty anyway.   
You could even call some friends on the stage. The more musicians there are in the band, the easier it must be to summon the spirit, right?   

  • Use [space] + [q][w][e][r] or arrows to hit the notes.
  • Lose hearts on miss, gain hearts on 3x perfect hit.
  • Aim for the golden hearts to summon the music spirit!
  • Embrace the rhythm! And tentacles.

Code: yanrishatum. Art: yenneash. Music: scarlet.   
Available on my site as well.

NOTE: Windows build seems to work only on windows 10 and shows only black screen on 7/8.  (I blame Microsoft, as that happened after I updated Visual Studio and before that my builds were working on 7/8 perfectly)


RokkuBando_Win.zip 12 MB
RokkuBando_Source.zip 9 MB

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